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How does it work? 
Hypnosis is not magic - it’s science! It works by taking you into the Alpha brain wave state that is the same as when you’re in REM (just before sleep), the state that is typically created when you're daydreaming or consciously practicing mindfulness or meditation. That’s what allows you to access the subconscious mind. It’s very easy and anyone can do it. 


What does it feel like? 
The experience feels different for different people. Some people feel a floating sensation, some feel a similar sensation to being in meditation, and some may feel sleepy. Most people say they feel very relaxed, at ease and peaceful. What’s most important is to know that how you feel isn’t an indicator of how effective it is. Regardless of what it feels like - it’s working.
How many sessions will I need? 
RTT is designed to give you a powerful breakthrough and create big changes in your life. Usually, you would only need one session, though some clients choose to have up to 3.
During the session, the release of some behavioral patterns may reveal something else that needs addressing. I am better able to advise on how many sessions you might need during our initial consultation. 


When will I start to feel changes? 
There are 3 types of change from a Rapid Transformational Therapy session  - every person is different:
Immediate: You feel a massive shift right away - immediate changes in your physiology, thoughts and behaviors right in the session. 
Accumulative: You see consistent shifts every day, or over time. 
Retroactive: You don’t see the shifts right away, then one day you suddenly look back and see all the things that are different in your life.


What if I go back to traumatic and painful scenes? 
If you go back to scenes from your life that were traumatic or painful, it’s important to remember that you are not reliving that scene, you are simply reviewing it and that you are safe. I will support you and create a safe space for you to express your emotions and heal. 

What if I think I know the reason for my issue? 
What makes RTT amazing is that even if you think you know the reason, you see it in a COMPLETELY new way. That’s what allows you to change the meaning and ultimately, change your beliefs. And for many clients, they go back to scenes that are totally different than what they expected. Just relax and trust that your subconscious mind will show you exactly what you need to see.


Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

Absolutely not.  You have complete control the whole time. You can talk, move your body, get a tissue, even open your eyes, and get up to use the bathroom if you need to! You are completely aware of your surroundings. 
If our session is online and the call gets disconnected you may drift into sleep if you’re really relaxed, but eventually, you’ll notice that you’re not hearing my voice and open your eyes. 


How do I know this will work for me and my situation? 
Before we work together we will have a conversation over Zoom or by phone call to talk through the issue you wish to work on. This is our opportunity for us to get to know each other, for you to ask me any questions you have regarding the process and your particular issue, and to see if it feels like a good fit for us to work together. 

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